Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stopping Urinary Leakage Without Surgery

Acknowledging that some women despite their symptoms will prefer to avoid surgical intervention, Minnesota Women’s Care offers a intensive pelvic floor rehabilitation program to help stop urinary leakage without surgery.  Enhanced pelvic floor rehabilitation has a 30-40% increased chance over placebo in stopping urinary leakage without surgery. 

Our Urostym Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation System provides biofeedback that assists patients with localization of the pelvic floor muscles necessary to strengthen the pelvic floor.  One of the things that we do in our initial assessment is palpate the levator ani complex as the patient is asked to perform a kegel.  The overwhelming majority are not squeezing the correct muscle.  Yet the majority indicate “I’ve been performing Kegels and they don’t work”.  For most the problem is not that Pelvic floor exercise doesn’t work, but rather that they are not exercising the correct muscle.    In addition to Biofeedback to help localize the levator ani, the Urostym Pelvic Floor System provides direct electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles to help strengthen the muscles.    It also helps to assess the pelvic floor function to guide therapy. 

Intone, a new product provided by our office for women to take home, provides biofeedback, electrical stimulation, measurement of the degree of “squeeze”, and a log of the patients exercise results.  The device is used daily for 12 minutes for 9 weeks, then twice a week.  At office visits, we connect the patient’s intone device to the office computer and are supplied a detailed report of how often they exercised and how effect the routine was.  This allows effective coaching and results in better compliance.
Melvin Ashford, MD