Sunday, February 8, 2015

Urinary Incontinence: One Simple Solution

Bladder symptoms are a nuisance and significant barrier to social activity for many patients.  For women who are not interested in surgery, medicines or procedures to control their leakage there is another alternative.  Femsoft inserts.    The insert does not cure urinary leakage but for women with episodic leakage in response to activities it may be a God send.  Women you only leak with dancing, running, exercise, horseback riding or other activities are ideal candidates.  Urinary incontinence can be controlled with this discreet insert without much fanfare. 

The Femsoft insert is a small disposable “plug” that the woman inserts into the urethra prior to urinary leakage provoking activities.  When the woman needs to urinate the insert is removed and discarded.  Because the balloon tip is soft and covered in mineral oil insertion is usually painless.   The insert is made of silicone and conforms to the shape of your urethra.  It forms a seal and prevents urinary leakage in response to cough, sneeze, laugh running, dancing, etc.  To remove it the woman simply grabs the end and pulls the device out. 



One simple solution for a difficult problem.   To learn more please call:  Minnesota Women’s Care 651-600-3035.