Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Fertility Assessment Tool

Most women rarely look deeply into their menstrual cycle to understand the mechanics of reproduction. It is assumed that pregnancy will be easy to achieve; but the reality is that a women’s eggs have a finite period of function.  Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have.  This is different from men who make new sperm every day.  With time these eggs will decline in number and function.   The peak period of fertility is in a woman’s 20’s.   A slow decline begins in the early 30’s.   The decline becomes more pronounced after age 35.  Fertility is severely compromised by age 40.
Some women achieve pregnancy using their own eggs after the age of 40, but it is more the exception than the rule.  Quantifying the number and quality of a woman’s eggs for the potential of pregnancy has been very difficulty.  Recently a test combining 5 different tests has shown promise.

Determining the Likelihood of Success: Perfecting the Test

Success on this front had been elusive until fairly recently, when scientists conducted substantial clinical research which combined the capabilities of high-quality laboratory partners with data derived from well-controlled research studies to design the Ovarian Assessment Report (OAR). The OAR provides a comprehensive look at a woman’s unique ovarian reserve by assessing the status of several important reproductive hormones.  An Egg Supply Score  as well as an Egg Quality Score is provided.  This is powerful infomation especially for the woman delaying pregnancy.  For the first time in fertility history, through actionable results and physician consultation, a woman’s current egg supply can now be evaluated in a meaningful way.  Provided women with the power to make appropriate decisions regarding their reproductive plans.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Minnesota Women's Care is Expanding!

Over the next few months there will be a little dust around the office. The expansion will provide much needed space and will allow us to reduce wait times, add additional providers, and make the office visit even more comfortable.

The additional space will allow improved procedure room capabilities allowing more same day procedures to be performed in the office.  This means reduced out of pocket expenses for patients in a safe and more efficient setting.  We'll also be able to hold more patient seminars on site.  Husbands of pregnant wives can learn how to provide therapeutic massage techniques, pregnancy yoga classes will be back in force, women can learn about how to tame menopause and Dr. Ashford will be able to hold his incontinence seminars on site.  Full course and seminar offerings will be emailed to our patients.   We're excited and can't wait to unveil the new space.  More updates to follow....