Monday, August 25, 2014

Worried about Tightness?

Millions of women are suffering from vaginal laxity...causing loss of sensation during sexual contact and stress urinary incontinence. For those of you still listening and interested in facing facts and finding solutions.  Ponder the following questions.  Do you:

    1.  Find it challenging to grip your vagina with only your forefinger.
    2.  Notice that your vagina is unable to completely close.
    3.  It is possible to place even more than 3 fingers into your vagina easily.
    4.   Orgasm is harder to attain than previously
    5.   Receive less enjoyment from intercourse
    5.   Find it more difficult to please your partner.

Speaking plainly.  Yes child birth is natural!!!!   However a 6-10 pound baby coming though the vaginal canal naturally causes some damage to the pelvic floor.  The impact is to the nerves, the muscles and the connective tissue.  This is a fact.  Do you have to live with it?  No!  The two components essential to maintaining a tightened vagina are the muscles and connective tissues.  Kegels or augmented pelvic floor exercise offers great options for naturally strengthening the Pelvic Floor.  

However strengthening or better functioning muscles do not always correlate with bulking of the muscle.. We all know of people who work out daily and are in good shape but do not bulk.  Bulking is necessary as well as strengthening for subjective sense of a tightening of the vagina.  Until now the most consistent and reliable method of vaginal tightening has been surgery.  A new in office laser therapy results in shrinkage of the vaginal connective tissue resulting in tightening.  Femilift Laser therapy is an innovative approach to a common issue for many women without surgery or downtime.  We are excited to announce that we are offering this therapy at Minnesota Women's Care.

In addition to the Femilift option, Minnesota Women's Care also offers ThermiVA.  There painless procedure uses RF energy to treat vaginal atrophy and tighten the vagina.  We often times will use both procedures as the overlapping modalities provide even more efficacy.  

I was hesitant to address this topic from fear of backlash from feminist groups.  To be clear, I am not inferring that women should be ashamed of their bodies.  Those who know me know better.  However, I can assure you that if there was some natural occurrence that resulting in a decreased performance for a man in this regard he would be in the doctor’s office the day after it happened.  Why should women just live with it?  Again, I am well aware that some women will be offended by this message.  I’m sorry.  My intent is not to offend but rather to reach out to those women who want to address this issue.  We have solutions and help for those that desire it.   Call us at Minnesota Women’s Care 651-600-3035.  Dr Ashford